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George goes back to the motherland!

George goes back to the motherland!


It was time to take King George to the U.K. for a bit of fun, history and general pudding prandials while exploring the motherland. Much like the Expedia gnome, you never know where George will go. What was very curious was that there were all these shops in this little town, claiming to be the “original” Bakewell pudding, but after seeing the 3rd or so, George was a little suspicious about the whole thing! Unfortunately we didn’t time our travels quite right, and missed their local festival, but have noted it for future visits, and will enter King George accordingly. After a quick trip down the country, it was time for a glass of rose and a visit to SW London. Looking a bit battered after the journey, George was ready to put his feet up and relax. Fresh in the morning, George’s first stop was a roots tour to Moreton Terrace in Westminster. This was the home of The Art of Pudding Purveyors’ maternal family, and the real reason that George exists today. George got a little emotional thinking back to many Christmases that were celebrated with 3 generations of pudding makers. A leisurely stroll took George to the iconic Westminster Abbey. A little history about this 1000-year-old church, which is neither cathedral nor neighbourhood parish. Technically, the Abbey is referred to as a “Royal Peculiar” with 100% accountability to the Sovereign in power. George paid his respects to the coronation location of George the First and his namesake. The walking tour continued through a rehearsal of the Trooping of the Colour. George was so lucky be part of the Queen’s official birthday celebration, which takes place long after her official birth date. It was royal pageantry at its best! Retail therapy on the high street was next on George’s agenda. A stop at Hatchards, the U.K’s oldest bookstore, and shoe shopping at Selfridges all left George a little overwhelmed; not to mention a peek in the Ritz with its own Morgan Aero8 parked in front. Pudding intelligence was a necessary part of this trip, so the hardship of visiting all the top food halls was very taxing. George visited Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Selfridges in addition to the...

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